Our mission is to provide our patients with hair transplants that are affordable and befitting for all budgets. Our $3 hair grafts are competitively priced and you can use our comparison chart to measure against other higher priced clinics.

Additionally, our $600 travel allowance can increase your savings even more. Coupled with our low prices you will be guaranteed a saving of $5,100 on a 1,500 graft procedure.

Our highly acclaimed surgeons with decades of combined experience will assure an exemplary hair transplant at affordable costs.

Additionally, we can also arrange finance to help you achieve that full head of hair that you deserve.

Hair Graft Price Comparison Chart

Graft / Price
1,000 Grafts$3000$4000$5,000$6,000$7,000
1,200 Grafts$3,600$4,800$6,000$7,200$8,000
1,500 Grafts$4,500$6,000$ 7,500$ 9,000$10,500
1,800 Grafts$5,400$7,200$9,000$10,800$12,600
2,000 Grafts$6,000$ 8,000$10,000$12,000$14,000

NOTE: The above chart reflects pricing for FUT using the “strip” method of harvesting hair grafts. The price per graft using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is $6.00.

The costs above reflect your hair transplant cost based upon the number of hair grafts involved in your procedure. This cost comparison does NOT reflect additional savings using our $600 Travel Allowance.

An average procedure will require approximately 1,500 hair grafts. At any given Hair Restoration Center, this would normally cost $4,500. If you deduct the $600 travel allowance the cost is instantly reduced to $3,900.

If you compare this to a procedure by the average surgeon who will usually charge around $6 per graft, you will make a total saving of $5,100. An extra saving that could fund a hair transplant with even more density and fullness.

With no hidden fees or surprises we offer low cost hair implants performed by highly skilled professionals. We are your first choice for a premier hair restoration procedure.

We care about our patients and we care about what we do. We also truly believe that the cost of hair restoration should be affordable to everyone. To learn more about our available options and financing, contact our clinics for a competitive quote.

At the Hair Restoration Centers, we work closely in conjunction with Care Credit finance company. They are the experts in financing cosmetic surgery loans and are the perfect solution for your hair loss problems. Care Credit can give you an easily affordable monthly payment option.

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